Soratha + Patrick // The Homestretch / Same Day Edit

This truly is the story of boy meets girl. The story of a boy’s crush developing into a love like no other that would eventually win over the girl that he’d known forever and wanted to ultimately be with.

You see Patrick first met Soratha in elementary school. This first meeting obviously didn’t turn out as Patrick had expected, but with a little persistence and some sand in his hair he won Soratha over. It’s kind of crazy how these things play out, but it just goes to show that if you really want something you can make it happen.

Fast forward to their two day wedding with over five ceremonies, it became more obvious why they were getting married and why Soratha eventually gave in to Patrick. As I covered Soratha, it was so touching to see Patrick pop in occasionally and check up on his wife to be. Their days were so packed with events that he would check up on her and bring her food just to make sure she was alright. In my eyes, their story played out to be them working together hand in hand in making it through the two filled days down to their American ceremony at the Earl Burns Miller Japanese Garden at Long Beach State.

They truly are meant to be and they both deserve one another. Soratha was so patient and understanding with me that I came to understand why Pat fell in love with her. With Pat, it was the case of nice guy finishing first.

I have to admit that while shooting one of his sequences I’d almost shed a tear. That sequence obviously made the same day edit and I’m sure you guys won’t have any difficulty figuring out which part.

Thanks you Pat and Soratha for showing the Rainbowfish team what love is…Congratulations!

Location & Cast //

Ceremony / Earl Burns Miller Japanese Garden
Photographer / Justin Element Photography
Makeup / Marybeth Beauty

Soundtrack // Ben Rector / You & Me
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  1. charlie says:

    stunning shots, I love to see differences cultures, great job.

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