Cameron Tran // Our First Year

So a couple of months ago, some friends of ours had reached out to us about working with them on a personal project of theirs. About nine months prior, they had the experience of having their first child, a little baby boy who they came to name Cameron. Naturally one of the first things we asked Caroline and Jonathan was how they selected his name.

Originally Caroline had suggested Cannon, but maybe without the second “n” making it Canon. Jonathan replied back to her saying, “you mean like the camera, Canon?” Unknowingly, the name had just stuck out to her and they kind of laughed at it. She then threw out the name Cameron, and Jonathan responded with, “you mean like camera?” Fast forward to checking out of the hospital, they were told that naming him at that point would make things a lot easier for them and they picked the winner, Cameron. Significance of this, is that Caroline is an awesome photographer. Yes, we’re referring to Caroline Tran. If you haven’t seen her work, which we doubt, you guys definitely have to check out her work at

Shooting over the course of five days allowed us to really get down in trying to dig for the moments that Caroline and Jonathan would appreciate. It was definitely a challenge compared to weddings because with Cameron barely turning one, things were really unpredictable in terms of what we would be able to capture. The best we could do was to try to anticipate things and make sure the camera was rolling. In the end, it’s safe to say that we were able to get some of those moments. My personal fave was when he was chewing on a carrot and decided to spray out of nowhere. What made it so cute was his smile afterwards and him thinking it was hilarious. We’d be crazy not to admit that luck played a big part in capturing these moments. We’re just glad that we were able to because it was what meant most to us. We went in knowing that we wanted to capture something personal and something that Caroline, Jonathan, and Cameron would be able to look back at 20 years down the line from now.

Kenny just came across some old family films that he had discovered of his family and expressed how gratifying it was to be able to look back at. As for me, I haven’t been able to dig up anything like it which is a total bummer. I think realizing these things really pushed us with this film. Obviously, Caroline and Jonathan were a huge of part of this due to the fact of how open they were in sharing with us. And with that, we want to say thank you for letting us be a part of Cameron’s life in this little way!

With that in mind, today is officially Cameron’s birthday, so happy happy birthday to you little man! You gotta monster of an appetite in that little body of yours. Just stay away from the bittermelon…That stuff isn’t really good! Haha.

Thank you so much as well to the team that made his birthday party what it was. Ngoc Lay for the planning, Linda Ly for the design, Esther for the desserts, Wilmarose for styling out the whole family, and Pandora On Green for hosting the awesome New York themed party. And of course Caroline for being the mastermind of it all! If you haven’t seen any of their work yet, please do so and check them out!

Location & Cast //

Pandora On Green

Planner // Ngoc Lay / Skybox Events Productions
Designer // Linda Ly / Grand Soirees Event Design & Coordination
Style & Makeup // Wilmarose Orlanes / Lovely Jubilee Event Design & Styling Studio
Desserts // Esther Kang (Masterchef Season 2!) / Batch From Scratch
Miniature Booths // Mr. Tran (The booths that are at the end of the film were all built by him)

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  1. love you two and your work! thank you so much for documenting & telling our story. i laughed and cried and feel so extremely fortunate to have you on this journey with us!

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